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A sus­tainab­le pro­per­ty means
a more con­scious use of resour­ces, added value for the loca­ti­on and respon­si­ble action alrea­dy during the deve­lo­p­ment process.

At our new pro­ject “The Franz”, Dia­mo­na & Har­nisch can hap­pi­ly announ­ce that it has adap­ted its plan­ning and con­struc­tion to be ali­gned with the DGNB Gold standard.

The DGNB sus­taina­bi­li­ty con­cept is based on a three-pil­lar model con­sis­ting of: Eco­no­my, Eco­lo­gy and Social.

• The eco­no­my refers to the fact that we con­si­der buil­dings in an eco­no­mi­c­al­ly sen­si­ble way and over their ent­i­re life cycle;

• Eco­lo­gy stands for the resour­ce and envi­ron­ment­al­ly friend­ly con­struc­tion of buildings;

• The social aspect focu­ses on the user and the neigh­bor­hood of the building.

We can the­re­fo­re speak of sus­tainab­le action when the­se three dimen­si­ons are brought into harmony.

Buil­ding with sus­taina­bi­li­ty in mind means not only the use of envi­ron­ment­al­ly and health-friend­ly, as well as recy­clab­le buil­ding mate­ri­als, but also the reduc­tion of ener­gy requi­re­ments or the avo­id­ance of high trans­port cos­ts and emis­si­ons by con­scious­ly opting for regio­nal buil­ding materials.

The ent­i­re life cycle of a buil­ding is always con­si­de­red. For examp­le, paints are used that are par­ti­cu­lar­ly envi­ron­ment­al­ly friend­ly. In the gar­dens, plants should be regio­nal and able to adapt to a chan­ging cli­ma­te. For inter-genera­tio­nal living, the ent­ran­ces and a lar­ge pro­por­ti­on of the apart­ments are also to be desi­gned for the elderly.

All of this ensu­res that a pro­per­ty is fit for the future and has a long-term sta­bi­li­ty of value.

In order to docu­ment this claim, the Deut­sche Gesell­schaft für Nach­hal­ti­ges Bau­en e.V. has deve­lo­ped the DGNB Gold Stan­dard. In the cer­ti­fi­ca­ti­on pro­cess, the buil­ding pro­ject is accom­pa­nied from the out­set by audi­tors from the plan­ning sta­ge through the selec­tion of mate­ri­als to the final exe­cu­ti­on, and is cer­ti­fied after con­struc­tion and upon completion.


To learn more about the DGNB Gold certificate –
plea­se refer to: DGNB-Sys­tem

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1.2.0938,98 m²355.296,00 €PDF
1.2.11124,38 m²988.821,00 €PDF
1.3.1538,98 m²371.821,00 €PDF
1.4.1964,18 m²625.883,00 €PDF
1.4.2139,16 m²386.039,00 €PDF
1.4.21 + 1.4.2278,19 m²762.121,00 €PDF
1.4.2238,15 m²376.082,00 €PDF
1.4.23125,32 m²1.089.281,00 €PDF
1.6.3139,16 m²410.892,00 €PDF
1.6.31 + 1.6.3278,19 m²811.186,00 €PDF
1.6.3238,15 m²400.293,00 €PDF
2.1.01100,75 m²811.601,00 €PDF
2.1.05102,06 m²800.558,00 €PDF
2.2.1138,69 m²352.698,00 €PDF
2.3.1266,45 m²612.801,00 €PDF
2.3.1363,76 m²581.236,00 €PDF
2.3.1491,83 m²817.654,00 €PDF
2.3.1838,69 m²369.102,00 €PDF
2.4.2192,43 m²852.389,00 €PDF
2.4.2243,07 m²424.584,00 €PDF
2.4.2336,60 m²360.753,00 €PDF
2.4.2464,18 m²625.883,00 €PDF
2.5.2665,76 m²648.262,00 €PDF
2.5.2764,12 m²625.298,00 €PDF
2.5.3036,60 m²372.441,00 €PDF
2.6.3492,43 m²911.174,00 €PDF
2.6.3543,07 m²451.976,00 €PDF
2.6.3636,60 m²384.027,00 €PDF
2.6.3791,65 m²864.626,00 €PDF
3.1.0166,66 m²579.408,00 €PDF
3.1.04121,71 m²993.397,00 €PDF
3.2.0658,83 m²555.002,00 €PDF
3.2.08122,51 m²1.032.391,00 €PDF
3.3.12122,51 m²1.071.349,00 €PDF
3.4.16123,33 m²1.117.739,00 €PDF
3.5.1769,43 m²691.800,00 €PDF
3.5.1859,11 m²614.034,00 €PDF
3.5.20123,33 m²1.156.958,00 €PDF
3.6.2259,11 m²632.831,00 €PDF
3.6.2354,46 m²583.048,00 €PDF
4.1.03101,02 m²840.587,00 €PDF
4.2.04111,99 m²967.481,00 €PDF
4.2.06100,95 m²888.158,00 €PDF
4.3.07112,01 m²1.003.273,00 €PDF
4.3.0890,19 m²831.732,00 €PDF
4.3.09100,95 m²920.260,00 €PDF
4.4.10112,68 m²1.045.199,00 €PDF
4.4.1190,48 m²863.179,00 €PDF
4.4.12101,92 m²961.513,00 €PDF
4.5.13112,69 m²1.081.035,00 €PDF
4.5.1490,48 m²891.951,00 €PDF
4.5.15101,92 m²993.923,00 €PDF
4.6.16112,69 m²1.128.815,00 €PDF
4.6.1790,48 m²930.315,00 €PDF
4.6.18101,92 m²1.037.137,00 €PDF
5.1.01113,94 m²960.172,00 €PDF
5.1.0356,32 m²519.383,00 €PDF
5.1.04108,83 m²917.110,00 €PDF
5.2.05112,67 m²985.255,00 €PDF
5.3.09112,71 m²1.021.445,00 €PDF
5.3.1155,23 m²544.408,00 €PDF
5.3.12111,07 m²1.006.582,00 €PDF
5.4.13113,43 m²1.064.039,00 €PDF
5.4.1455,68 m²560.647,00 €PDF
5.4.1555,52 m²564.920,00 €PDF
5.4.16111,76 m²1.048.420,00 €PDF
5.5.17113,43 m²1.100.109,00 €PDF
5.5.1855,86 m²580.221,00 €PDF
5.5.1955,51 m²582.469,00 €PDF
5.5.20111,78 m²1.084.105,00 €PDF
5.6.21113,43 m²1.148.201,00 €PDF
5.6.2255,86 m²603.904,00 €PDF
5.6.2355,51 m²606.003,00 €PDF
5.6.24111,79 m²1.131.599,00 €PDF
6.1.04119,50 m²1.007.026,00 €PDF
6.2.0595,37 m²808.737,00 €PDF
6.2.0785,63 m²753.372,00 €PDF
6.2.08121,22 m²1.060.068,00 €PDF
6.3.1185,70 m²781.241,00 €PDF
6.3.12121,22 m²1.098.616,00 €PDF
6.4.1468,42 m²630.969,00 €PDF
6.4.14 + 6.4.15153,11 m²1.449.557,00 €PDF
6.4.1586,77 m²818.588,00 €PDF
6.4.16121,99 m²1.144.388,00 €PDF
6.5.1796,33 m²908.730,00 €PDF
6.5.1868,42 m²652.726,00 €PDF
6.5.18 + 6.5.19153,11 m²1.498.907,00 €PDF
6.5.1986,77 m²846.181,00 €PDF
6.5.20121,99 m²1.183.181,00 €PDF
6.6.2196,33 m²949.571,00 €PDF
6.6.2386,76 m²882.869,00 €PDF
6.6.24122,15 m²1.236.524,00 €PDF

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